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Portland Chimney Sweep & Masonry Company

Does your house smell like smoke or do you have a foul smell coming from your fireplace?

Our Story

The Chimcare Legacy: A Testament to Perseverance and Customer Dedication

From Humble Beginnings in Canby to Expanding in Portland: A Story of One Family's Journey in the Chimney Care Business

A little About Us. Chimcare was started in Canby, Oregon, in 1989, by our dad, Richard Peralta. He started this business on a part-time basis to provide extra income for our family of eight, while also working full time for UPS. After five years of hard work and dedication to his customers, he was able to leave UPS and pursue Chimcare full-time. He built this company and its reputation one customer at a time. Fast forward twenty years and many of his first customers are still with Chimcare today.

He taught us the importance of taking our time to do the job better than right. We remain committed to our father’s standards of going above and beyond for each and every customer. By expanding the business to now service the Portland and surrounding areas, we are realizing our father’s dream.

Jesse Peralta, the dedicated owner of Portland Chimney Sweep and Masonry services