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Bricks are very porous and can hold water inside them, much like a sponge does. The intrusion of water into bricks and mortar can cause damage like:

  • Efflorescence — the deposit of salts on the surface of the brick
  • Spalding — flaking of the brick.
  • Deterioration of the mortar between the bricks.

Unfortunately, even brickwork that is well protected from water will eventually break down from old age and will need masonry repair.

Common masonry repairs

Tuck Pointing Repair

Is the mortar between your bricks sagging out? This wearing of your chimney wall can greatly compromise its integrity. Tuck-Pointing is a process where we scrape or cut out the deteriorating mortar and then refill the joints with fresh mortar. You can also help increase the lifetime of your joints by having the brickwork sealed every ten years to decrease water absorption (see waterproofing).

Crown Repair

Do you have cracked or missing mortar on your chimney crown? Your chimney crown is like the roof of your house; it is there to protect your brickwork from water. If caught in time, a simple resurfacing can repair small cracks. If there is more extensive damage, you may need to rebuild the crown completely.

Flashing Repair

Is water staining your walls or ceiling when it rains? The joint between the roof and the chimney is highly vulnerable to water seepage, especially in Oregon climates where there are a lot of freeze thaw cycles. Chimney flashing is used to create a water boundary that is resistant to the contracting and expanding of materials. If your flashing is compromised, you will have an increased risk of developing wood rot and mold.

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Chimney Rebuilding

If your chimney is beyond repair, never fear because Chimcare is here! We specialize in rebuilding chimneys. The most common is rebuilding part of the chimney from the roofline up. We find that the chimney that sticks up beyond the roof is what gets the most exposure to the rain and therefore is the par the chimney that gets the most damage.

We also can rebuild the chimney from the ground up if needed as well. Just give us a call for a free evaluation!