Air Duct Cleaning

Portland’s pine trees are all good reasons to schedule your air duct cleaning!

Reduce the allergens in your home and Breath Easy!

Dust from your home including dust mites, mold, pollen and animal dander can layer the insides of your air ducts, requiring professional air duct cleaning to remove this nasty things. These contaminates can then be circulated back into the air you breath aggravating your allergy symptoms or making your house dusty. Partial blockages of your duct work can also compromise the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Chimcare uses Abatement HEPA-Aire air duct cleaning process — the most efficient air duct cleaning system available today. It utilizes powerful positive and negative airflow along with agitating brushes to reach and clean every crevice of your duct system.

  • High-powered vacuum at one end
  • High-volume air compressor at the other
  • Agitation devices – dislodges debris from duct work

Our equipment contains true HEPA filters, the same filters used in hospitals and laboratories, to ensure that pure air is released back into your home when having your air duct cleaning done.